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Олдового стимпанка вам

Эпиграф — НЕ про него.
The Gardner-Serpollet steam carriage is a very efficient machine. It is much nearer perfection than some other automobiles. The makers have repeatedly convinced the most prejudiced supporters of the petrol system that by their noiselessness in running, simplicity in structure, and freedom from vibration and smell they are immeasurably superior to even the best of the petrol cars. In fact, these superb carriages have all the good points of vehicles driven by electricity, without the disadvantage of a short-running radius, the inconvenience of perpetual recharging, and the expense of battery maintenance.

На последней картинке опять коварно никакой не панк. Паровые автобусы этой фирмы возили пассажиров в Лондоне с 1909 по 1919 год. Отличались от машинки на картинке в основном автобусным кузовом. Нефтяное отопление и конденсация, никаких дыма и шума!
Tags: Картинки, Нунихренажсебе, Пар, Цитата

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